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P.O. Box 312
Wells, MN  56097

***Booster Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each
month @ 7:00pm in the HS Choir Room***
(unless otherwise noted)

At a time when young people are making crucial decisions concerning personal behavior, ethics, integrity, morals, and an array of vital life choices, wouldn't you like to be around to have some influence on their direction? Booster parents enjoy this unusual vantage point, and all of the USC Fine Arts members benefit from such a healthy relationship.

Booster parents are also integrated into every phase of the program. They are not passive observers, or simply a polite sideline audience, but active contributors in the daily operation of the Fine Arts programs. The ongoing success of our program is in direct proportion to the support of our parents. We need you.

Many of our parent participants have found hidden social benefits for their own growth and development. Not only do our boosters work hand-in-hand with our school programs, but they relish the exchange with other parents who share a common interest.

You may think there are not enough hours in the day to add one more responsibility to your schedule. This is a legitimate consideration; however, we are sensitive to the situation. You will find everyone is willing to make the necessary accommodations so all parents can become involved. It is a chance that will only come around once in life for your child.

Scheduled meetings can be found in the USC Booster Website. Please mark this on your calendar and plan to be with us. You will also enjoy the optimistic atmosphere of our school's number-one fan club – our Fine Arts parents. You will quickly sense the caring and sharing attitude that has become the trademark of this group. I urge you to attend our meetings, become an active member of the various committees, and join the ranks of wonderful parents who ensure our students are at the front of life's parade.

Best regards,
USC Fine Arts Boosters Executive Board

Contact: Sheila Rame