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USC iLearn -- Welcome

Image of Rita McGill Vondracek

Hello.  My name is Rita Vondracek, and I am the Digital Learning Specialist at United South Central Schools.  


In its second year, USC iLearn is the district’s one-to-one initiative involving the use of 450 iPads and 235 MacBook Air computers.  Students in grades 4-12 have the opportunity to take devices home, and the school offers an optional insurance policy to protect parents and students in the event of accidental damage or loss.


USC iLearn allows for wide-ranging online learning opportunities for all ages of learners. Schoology, the district’s learning management system, offers teachers a platform for digital learning assignments, resources, and safe communication with students.  The school’s Educational Domain Google account provides the framework for our student email and for educational use of GoogleDocs, Slides, and Sheets.


With their iPads, K-8 students use many apps which increase productivity or are aligned to particular curriculum goals, provide engaging practice, and/or offer immediate feedback. Currently, licensed programs include  IXL Math and Language Skills, Star Reading, and, at particular levels, Kids A to Z and Rocket Math. Recently, teachers and students have begun using “storytelling apps” such as BookCreator and iMovie for assignments that require students to demonstrate knowledge through images, sound, and narration.   Teachers and students in all grades K-12  also use online curriculum available through such sites as CK-12, Khan, Pearson’s Write To Learn, and Accelerated Reader.


In the end, USC iLearn aims to prepare students for successful academic, professional, and personal lives after graduation.  With this in mind,  the staff aims for a wise application of technology that builds upon the strong foundation long established at United South Central.



Contact: Rita M. Vondracek