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Meet the Teacher & Classroom

Welcome to a new school year at USC! I so excited to be the 7th and 8th grade science teacher here at USC!  I have taught 27 years, with 22 of them being in the middle school area. I love the challenges they present, making every day a story in itself. Wells has always been my home and I love that my husband, Rick, and I chose to raise our children here. USC was a great school for our children, Ashley and Hayden, to attend and graduate from. It provided them an excellent education with academic support as they moved onto college. 
Four years ago I was trained in Problem Based Learning (PBL). This teaching method allows the teacher to interact with the students while they are solving problems presented to them. This methodology allows the students to become problem solvers, develop higher level thinking skills and become more analytical in their thought processes. In 7th grade, they will learn about life science. In our PBL classroom they will be given an overarching problem with smaller problems tying individual units to the main problem.  For example, our overarching question for 7th grade is "Why doesn't everyone get cancer?", then their smaller question for when we learn about cells is "What does a cancer cell look like?" The questions tie together but get more specific for the individual units. PBL also places a heavy emphasis on vocabulary helping them understand their topic at a deeper level.

The 8th graders will take a different route and learn about earth science. This is a huge year covering a ton of information. The state standards for this grade are wide, but not very deep, so we have to learn and keep going at a pretty good pace. This will be the only grade they will have the opportunity to learn about our earth and the solar system.   

Note: Please note:  You will not find updated daily assignments on this website. I use Schoology online learner management system for all my classes. If you are a student, you already know that and how to use it. If you are a parent and would like access, please email me for your personal access codes.

Contact: Anne Feist