600 11th St. SW
P.O. Box 312
Wells, MN  56097

Hello and welcome to summer!

Join us for a run!  We meet at the school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8AM, and Wednesday nights, we meet at Halfmoon Park at 7PM for Ultimate Frisbee.  All are welcome to runs!


We’re looking forward to preparing for the upcoming cross country season.  Cross country certainly isn’t an easy sport, so thanks for taking a risk and expressing interest.  With many sports, the offseason is vital, but for cross country, it’s even more crucial that you train.  With a lack of training in the summer, the fall will fall short of your potential.


With that being said, let’s talk mileage.  For new runners, mileage should start slowly.  As a rule, you don’t want to increase your mileage too quickly each week (10%/week).  Returning runners, we’d strongly encourage you to run on your own each day, if you desire to improve.  Cross country demands discipline, both mentally and physically. It’s easy to not run when it’s hot or windy, but as people we’re known by our actions, so communicate through your actions to the people around you that you’re dedicated.




Contact: Coach Rita Augustine